Our Menu

Ordinary sodas are boring.

Elevate your favorite fizzy drinks with Fizzology! Explore our menu packed with unique soda creations, each crafted to perfection! From classic favorites to custom concoctions, we offer a world of fizzy possibilities! Dive into our soda selection and craft your perfect drink.

Soda Fusions

Our Soda Fusions take your favorite sodas and mix in new flavors and optional cream to elevate your soda game to new heights!
* Means also available in Sugar Free!

Italian Sodas

Our Italian Sodas begin with filtered Sparkling Water and are mixed with 1 or more of our over 40 flavors to make delicious one-of-a-kind treats!
* Means also available in Sugar Free!

Lemonade & Tea

We can mix any of our flavors in Lemonade or Fresh-Brewed Tea!
* Means also available in Sugar Free!